The Red Turtle – Review

I’ve had multiple opportunities to see this film for months, however something has always come up and hindered this, however last night I finally managed to go! Making The Red Turtle the 3rd Studio Ghibli film that I’ve been able to see at the cinema, something I’m pretty proud of.

Generally, my blogging schedule includes a standard weekly post and a review of a small studio animated film at the weekend, however as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’ve been back home for 2 weeks and haven’t had the time for a mid-week post this week nor have I had time to watch a new small studio film and since I had the tickets booked or The Red Turtle months ago, I’m going to cheat and use that as my weekly review (I know Studio Ghibli are pretty big in the movie community but since this film was only shown at a few select independent cinemas – I’m going to say it counts)

So without further ado…

Spoiler Warning

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Ernest & Celestine – Review

This is now the 5th!! installment to my ‘review an animated film not made by a major studio’ weekly series. This week; Ernest & Celestine!  Ernest & Celestine is a 2D, French animation film produced by French animation studio; Les Armateurs (see, I told you I’d return to the French animated films soon enough!) and based upon a series of books written by Belgian author; Gabrielle Vincent.

I was undoubtedly attracted to this film by it’s obvious, beautiful storybook look.

For fans of: Zootopia, Angelina Ballerina, Flushed Away

Mild spoiler warning

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My Favourite Dogs in Film & TV

It’s hopefully become pretty apparent to the readers of my blog by now, that I love dogs! and I know I’m not alone in that! I’ve recently come back to my family home and that means, visiting the love of my life; my dog, Lottie! Lottie is a Jack Russell Terrier and she’s 10 years old, meaning she’s been with me for just shy of half of my entire life, so it’s safe to say, I love her a lot, she’s even laying next to me as I write this post! Being home with my dog again inspired me to write this list.

I also grew up watching a lot of dog films which fueled my love of the animal even more, so enjoy reading all about my favourite dogs in film and tv!

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Mary and Max – Review

I have now compiled a list of around 20 animated films not made by a major studio for my ongoing series and I just so happened to stumble across this film yesterday, I had surprisingly never heard of it before and upon discovering that it was an Australian animated film (something I’ve rarely come across in my life) I decided to bump it to the top of the list to review (it was either that or another French film, I’m telling you there’s a real influx of French/French Canadian independent animation studios!) oh, and it’s another stop motion animated film!

Mary and Max is produced by Australian studio; Melodrama Pictures and directed by: Adam Elliot.

For fans of: My Life as a Courgette, Anomalisa, Little Miss Sunshine

Mild Spoiler Warning

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Horror Films That Don’t Keep Me Up At Night

If you know me, you’ll probably know that I’m a huge scaredy-cat when it comes to horror films, anything involving ghosts, demons or harmful entities that you can’t see, I am terrified of, even low budget films that everyone claims “aren’t scary” like Paranormal Activity, scare me so much! it’s mostly due to the jump scares, I’m a pretty nervous person generally so any loud noise will make me jump, but add that to a tense scene in a film where you know that something is going to jump out at you but you aren’t exactly sure when and I am gone, I cannot stand that in films! I also believe that I may have a pretty active imagination meaning if I watch a film with a scary demon creature, you bet I’ll see that creature in the corner of my eye for the next few weeks, it makes life just that little bit more unnerving, so I tend to stay away from horror films most of the time.

There are however some horror/thriller films which don’t bother me, I actually enjoy watching them! These films usually give me enough goosebumps whilst watching them, however don’t keep me up at night. So I wanted to highlight these films 1) to prove that I’m not a total baby and 2) because I recently bought a box set of The Ring and it’s inspired me to make this list.

Disclaimer: A lot of people are probably going to read this list and mock how low my scare tolerance is but remember; everyone has different tolerances, no need to judge me on that! also light spoiler warning for the films ahead.

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Capture The Flag Review

Continuing on with the “review an animated film that isn’t made by a major studio” series on this blog, this week; Capture The Flag! This film is produced by Spanish animation studio; Lightbox Entertainment and directed by filmmaker; Enrique Gato.

 I vaguely remember seeing the trailer for this a couple of years ago whilst watching other things at the cinema and honestly I didn’t think it looked bad but I can’t say I was particularly interested in it, now I’ve seen it however, I’m pleasantly surprised! and almost regret dismissing it back in 2014/15!

For fans of: The Incredibles, Despicable Me, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


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