April and the Extraordinary World – Review

And here we have… number 8 in the series! If you aren’t aware, I do a weekly series where I review animated films that are – usually – made by a small studio or at least weren’t featured in UK cinemas (possibly US too) So, this weeks entry – April and the Extraordinary World! 

April and the Extraordinary World is a French-Belgian-Canadian 2D feature film that released in 2015. It was directed by Christian Desmares and Franck Ekinci and was produced by multiple, multiple different studios.

For fans of: Studio Ghibli films, The Legend of Korra & General Steampunk.

Mild spoiler warning

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Get To Know Me – Film Edition!

I was really stuck with what to do for a mid-week blog post this week so I began googling prompts and I came across a tumblr blog full of question tags and specifically one on films! and since this blog is mostly about films I figured I’d fill one out for anyone to read if they wanted to get to know my film taste more. If you want to do the same 60 questions as me, you can find them here.

So, lets begin!

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Throne of Elves – Review

Yes, I’m still doing this! I believe this is the…7th?? entry in this series, where I watch and review a small studio animated film – I say small, some of the studios I review in this series may actually be quite big in the country they’re based, I just mean where I live in the UK, this film was either overlooked or never reached our cinemas.

So anyway! This week; Throne of Elves; a 3D animated, Chinese film released in 2016 and directed by Song Yuefeng. I believe the production company responsible for this film is Mili Pictures, however I’m not 100% certain. Whilst I was watching this film, I couldn’t help thinking how much this film reminded me of some kind of Fantasy RPG game or something and I’ve just found out whilst researching the film that it’s based on the video game; Dragons Nest! 

For fans of: Arthur and the Invisibles, Epic, Fantasy RPGs

Mild Spoiler Warning

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Cartoon Food I’ve Always Wanted To Try

Anyone who has grown up watching cartoons like I have has no doubt come across those moments where you find yourself drooling over the food in the shows, may it be the Ninja Turtle’s pizza or the magnificent food served up by your favourite Ghibli characters. So I’ve decided toady to list all of my favourite cartoon food!

Disclaimer: Don’t read this list when you’re hungry!

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The Red Turtle – Review

I’ve had multiple opportunities to see this film for months, however something has always come up and hindered this, however last night I finally managed to go! Making The Red Turtle the 3rd Studio Ghibli film that I’ve been able to see at the cinema, something I’m pretty proud of.

Generally, my blogging schedule includes a standard weekly post and a review of a small studio animated film at the weekend, however as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’ve been back home for 2 weeks and haven’t had the time for a mid-week post this week nor have I had time to watch a new small studio film and since I had the tickets booked or The Red Turtle months ago, I’m going to cheat and use that as my weekly review (I know Studio Ghibli are pretty big in the movie community but since this film was only shown at a few select independent cinemas – I’m going to say it counts)

So without further ado…

Spoiler Warning

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Ernest & Celestine – Review

This is now the 5th!! installment to my ‘review an animated film not made by a major studio’ weekly series. This week; Ernest & Celestine!  Ernest & Celestine is a 2D, French animation film produced by French animation studio; Les Armateurs (see, I told you I’d return to the French animated films soon enough!) and based upon a series of books written by Belgian author; Gabrielle Vincent.

I was undoubtedly attracted to this film by it’s obvious, beautiful storybook look.

For fans of: Zootopia, Angelina Ballerina, Flushed Away

Mild spoiler warning

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My Favourite Dogs in Film & TV

It’s hopefully become pretty apparent to the readers of my blog by now, that I love dogs! and I know I’m not alone in that! I’ve recently come back to my family home and that means, visiting the love of my life; my dog, Lottie! Lottie is a Jack Russell Terrier and she’s 10 years old, meaning she’s been with me for just shy of half of my entire life, so it’s safe to say, I love her a lot, she’s even laying next to me as I write this post! Being home with my dog again inspired me to write this list.

I also grew up watching a lot of dog films which fueled my love of the animal even more, so enjoy reading all about my favourite dogs in film and tv!

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