I’ve started a new project!

Welcome to You Had Me At Disney!

I decided to create this blog as I wanted to create almost like a database of Disney articles and stories for fans to read and share. I wanted to encourage everyone from people with writing degrees, people with no writing experience and even aspiring bloggers to give blogging a try by using this site as a launch pad. Although there are plenty of other blogs just like this one, why not give this one a try! the more writers and readers we have, the more we can share!

The number one rule of this blog is that every post is family friendly; swearing and inappropriate language or themes are automatically banned. We want everyone to feel welcome here.

Do you have a blog post idea you want to submit? head over to our Want To Submit page and read over the guidelines and how to! not sure what to write about? We have a page to help with that! take a look at our writing prompts page for a head start and if you’re still not sure what we’re all about head over to our FAQ page or get in touch via our contact page.

Happy blogging!

Mystery Bloggers Award: Acceptance Speech


So I received a message on here a few weeks ago which I’ve only just seen now (I’m sorry!) and honestly it really confused me, although I’ve been using wordpress for almost a year now, it’s still new to me and I’m not 100% sure how to use it to it’s fullest so when I received a message from herrdelta saying that I had been nominated for a Mystery Blogger Award, I had to re-read the message a few times as I couldn’t understand what had happened! I think… I’ve got it now though so thank you so much herrdelta from the blog; splitxscreens, honestly I’m so inexperienced with blogging I haven’t actually looked through who follows my blog or searched for blogs in particular so if it hadn’t been for this, I probably wouldn’t have found their blog, I read their article; Writing with Equality: Bucking Tropes & Trends – Part One & Writing with Equality: Bucking Tropes & Trends – Part Two, I had never noticed this sci-fi trope!! Itf’s unbelievably eye opening so thank you for writing about that topic and for nominating me, I had a random influx of views on my blog yesterday and I really couldn’t figure it out, it must have been you, so thank you again!

and now it’s my turn! (I really hope I’m doing this right…) 

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