Creating My Perfect Animal Crossing Game

Following on from last week’s gaming post, I decided to do another similar post as I don’t vary this blog as much as I’d like to.

As I mentioned before in my other Animal Crossing post on and in Podcasts, I’ve been playing Animal Crossing for just over 10 years now from the GameCube game to the DS to the Wii and now onto the 3DS (i’m not counting the Wii U spin off game) and over the years, a lot of features were added/dropped from console to console so I decided to add up all my favourite features of each game to make the perfect animal crossing game!

Disclaimer: Although I have Animal Crossing on the GameCube and did try to write about it, I haven’t actually played that much of it and it was so long ago that honestly, I don’t remember so I’m just going to count Wild World (DS), City Folk (Wii) & New Leaf (3DS)

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My Favourite Kingdom Hearts Worlds

Even though Kingdom Hearts is one of my favourite things in the whole world, I don’t seem to write a lot about it on this blog so this is me attempting to change that! In this blog post I’m going to list in no particular order; my favourite worlds within the Kingdom Hearts franchise, this means from the first Kingdom Hearts game all the way through to the latest: Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage. 

This blog post is really for those of you who have played some if not most of the Kingdom Hearts games as I will be discussing plot points which you would have never heard of if you haven’t played at least one of the games.

Without further ado…

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I’m super excited to announce that the website I’ve been contributing to is finally live!! My cousin who I share a lot of my interests with started a website and podcast a while ago and its recently got a make over! He runs it with a close friend and they post reviews, ramblings and musings on video games (new & retro), movies, tv shows and general nerd culture, similar to what I post here! I’m actually set to record a podcast with them this week so keep an eye out for that appearing soon!

So if you want to read more posts from me that won’t appear anywhere else, head over to: You can also connect with us on twitter, Facebook and instagram which I have linked appropriately.

My posts will be posted under my blog username on there so: Hope Eliza, so far I’ve written posts on Disney live action remakes, an Animal Crossing guide, a review of the latest Kingdom Hearts game and my time at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra! There are also posts on Dragonball Z, video game reviews and links to podcasts on there with more due soon! So please take a few minutes to have a look through those links as it encourages us to continue with this passion project!! We’re also open to suggestions so if there’s something that you’d like us to feature on the website, get in contact through social media and we’ll see what we can do! 

We’re also running a video game World Cup series soon – read about that here, we’d really appreciate it if you’d spread the word!  

10 plausible predictions for Kingdom Hearts 3

The hype for Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn’t died down ever since it was first announced at E3 in 2013. It’s now been close to 3 years since that announcement and we still have no real release date and only a few things confirmed for the franchise’s 12th game in the series (if you include all the smaller ds, mobile and HD remixes).

The only things that have been confirmed so far include: a Corona (Tangled) world, San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) as a world, as well as the return of Twilight Town, The Mysterious Tower and Olympus Coliseum (Hercules) but perhaps a new section of it (it’s speculated that it’s Mount Olympus). It has also been shown in trailers that there is a new battle system that includes what seems to be Disney park rides eg. Big Magic Mountain and Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup Ride (it’s rumoured that these are used a summons) as well as the use of Attraction flow that made it’s entry in 2012’s Kingdom Hearts game Dream Drop Distance. It’s also confirmed that this is the end of the Xehanort saga but not the end of the Kingdom Hearts franchise as a whole.

With all the excitement around this topic there have been many fan speculations and predictions as for what this game has in store so I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most plausible ones, in my opinion.

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