My Favourite Dogs in Film & TV

It’s hopefully become pretty apparent to the readers of my blog by now, that I love dogs! and I know I’m not alone in that! I’ve recently come back to my family home and that means, visiting the love of my life; my dog, Lottie! Lottie is a Jack Russell Terrier and she’s 10 years old, meaning she’s been with me for just shy of half of my entire life, so it’s safe to say, I love her a lot, she’s even laying next to me as I write this post! Being home with my dog again inspired me to write this list.

I also grew up watching a lot of dog films which fueled my love of the animal even more, so enjoy reading all about my favourite dogs in film and tv!

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Horror Films That Don’t Keep Me Up At Night

If you know me, you’ll probably know that I’m a huge scaredy-cat when it comes to horror films, anything involving ghosts, demons or harmful entities that you can’t see, I am terrified of, even low budget films that everyone claims “aren’t scary” like Paranormal Activity, scare me so much! it’s mostly due to the jump scares, I’m a pretty nervous person generally so any loud noise will make me jump, but add that to a tense scene in a film where you know that something is going to jump out at you but you aren’t exactly sure when and I am gone, I cannot stand that in films! I also believe that I may have a pretty active imagination meaning if I watch a film with a scary demon creature, you bet I’ll see that creature in the corner of my eye for the next few weeks, it makes life just that little bit more unnerving, so I tend to stay away from horror films most of the time.

There are however some horror/thriller films which don’t bother me, I actually enjoy watching them! These films usually give me enough goosebumps whilst watching them, however don’t keep me up at night. So I wanted to highlight these films 1) to prove that I’m not a total baby and 2) because I recently bought a box set of The Ring and it’s inspired me to make this list.

Disclaimer: A lot of people are probably going to read this list and mock how low my scare tolerance is but remember; everyone has different tolerances, no need to judge me on that! also light spoiler warning for the films ahead.

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Capture The Flag Review

Continuing on with the “review an animated film that isn’t made by a major studio” series on this blog, this week; Capture The Flag! This film is produced by Spanish animation studio; Lightbox Entertainment and directed by filmmaker; Enrique Gato.

 I vaguely remember seeing the trailer for this a couple of years ago whilst watching other things at the cinema and honestly I didn’t think it looked bad but I can’t say I was particularly interested in it, now I’ve seen it however, I’m pleasantly surprised! and almost regret dismissing it back in 2014/15!

For fans of: The Incredibles, Despicable Me, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


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My Life as a Courgette/Zucchini Review

Unlike last week where I wasn’t sure what drew me to want to see Ballerina, I know exactly what it was that made me want to see My Life as a Courgette – it’s a stop motion animation film! I’m a sucker for anything stop motion! I swear it’s a total coincidence that this weeks and last weeks animated film review both come from French creators.

For fans of: Aardman, Laika, Tim Burton, Tracey Beaker


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Ballerina – Review

I’m not sure what it was that drew me to this film initially, possibly the beautiful character designs, the fact one of my favourite actresses is in it or maybe even because I’ve secretly always wanted to be a ballerina myself.

For fans of: Tangled, The Miraculous Ladybug, ballet or dance in general 

PS: this is the start of (hopefully!) a new series on my blog where I review a different animated film every week which isn’t made by a mainstream animation studio, eg: Disney, DreamWorks, BlueSky, Illumination, etc.

Spoiler Warning

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An Analysis on the Highest Grossing Animated Movies. 

Just like a lot of other people today, I woke up to the news that DreamWorks have plans to release a sequel to the questionable; The Boss Baby, part of me was surprised and part of me saw this coming. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact a film that was so slated on the internet could possibly be successful enough for a sequel, the weirdest part is; The Boss Baby is actually the 49th highest grossing animated film of all time, that’s right in a world of such amazing animated films like Spirited Away, How To Train Your Dragon and Coraline, The Boss Baby made it into the top 50.

This got me thinking about other films that have been teased relentlessly online but that actually did really well at the box office, for example: Minions, who thought the world needed more minions? Well whoever did must be proud as it’s actually the 2nd highest grossing animated movie of all time. I know, I know; take a moment. With The Emoji Movie set for release this summer, I thought now was the best time to try to figure out what it is that gets people into the cinema to see animated films and what I believe contributed to their success.

Just a note: I’m not saying that these are the exact reason that these films were successful, nor am I saying that if you include these things your animated film it will be successful, I’m just theorising. I will only be focusing on a select few films within the top 50 highest grossing animated films otherwise this post will never get finished.

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My Favourite Movie Soundtracks

I’ve been wanting to do a list like this for a while now but I always start planning it and struggle to narrow it down, so here is another attempt! I’m going to try and keep it varied but don’t be surprised if you find a couple of Disney entries on here because of the genius that is Alan Menken. I’m going to try to stick with original soundtracks for this rather than soundtracks that feature songs from various artists, otherwise it would just take too long to narrow down.

As always, in no particular order…

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