Great Original Songs in Animation – A List

I bet you’ve already got a number of songs in your head that could possibly be on this list; Let it Go? You’ve Got a Friend in Me? Maybe even The Fairy Godmother’s Song from Shrek 2?

I’m going to try my best to keep this list as varied as possible but it’s become apparent that there’s going to be a number of Disney entries here as lets be honest, they’re the studio making all of the animated musicals! In this list I’m going to stick to actual songs with lyrics rather than songs from a score and just stick to movies this time as I could give them both a list of their own!

Disclaimer: You’ll probably notice that quite a few of the biggest animated musical hits don’t make this list and that’s because I’m trying to be as varied as possible as everyone already knows how great songs like The Circle of Life and Under The Sea are.

Now, let’s begin!

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April and the Extraordinary World – Review

And here we have… number 8 in the series! If you aren’t aware, I do a weekly series where I review animated films that are – usually – made by a small studio or at least weren’t featured in UK cinemas (possibly US too) So, this weeks entry – April and the Extraordinary World! 

April and the Extraordinary World is a French-Belgian-Canadian 2D feature film that released in 2015. It was directed by Christian Desmares and Franck Ekinci and was produced by multiple, multiple different studios.

For fans of: Studio Ghibli films, The Legend of Korra & General Steampunk.

Mild spoiler warning

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Ernest & Celestine – Review

This is now the 5th!! installment to my ‘review an animated film not made by a major studio’ weekly series. This week; Ernest & Celestine!  Ernest & Celestine is a 2D, French animation film produced by French animation studio; Les Armateurs (see, I told you I’d return to the French animated films soon enough!) and based upon a series of books written by Belgian author; Gabrielle Vincent.

I was undoubtedly attracted to this film by it’s obvious, beautiful storybook look.

For fans of: Zootopia, Angelina Ballerina, Flushed Away

Mild spoiler warning

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Mary and Max – Review

I have now compiled a list of around 20 animated films not made by a major studio for my ongoing series and I just so happened to stumble across this film yesterday, I had surprisingly never heard of it before and upon discovering that it was an Australian animated film (something I’ve rarely come across in my life) I decided to bump it to the top of the list to review (it was either that or another French film, I’m telling you there’s a real influx of French/French Canadian independent animation studios!) oh, and it’s another stop motion animated film!

Mary and Max is produced by Australian studio; Melodrama Pictures and directed by: Adam Elliot.

For fans of: My Life as a Courgette, Anomalisa, Little Miss Sunshine

Mild Spoiler Warning

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Voice Actor Appreciation Post

An element of animation that has always held my interest is voice over! I remember from a young age reading out loud from scripts of my favourite movies trying to do my best impression of whichever character’s line I was reading. I now believe that I have a certain skill which would be very favourable if I were to put it on job applications, I’m pretty confident in saying that whenever I watch most cartoons, I am able to pick out voice actors just by listening. This is probably something a lot of people can do but it makes me feel special!

I’ve been listening to a lot of the Nickelodeon Animation Podcast recently who often hold interviews with show creators and voice actors and this inspired me to make a list of some of my favourite voice actors/actresses performances, I’m going to stick to voice actors who are mainly known for their cartoon work but the occasional movie/video game voice actor may find it’s way in.

In no particular order…

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An Analysis on the Highest Grossing Animated Movies. 

Just like a lot of other people today, I woke up to the news that DreamWorks have plans to release a sequel to the questionable; The Boss Baby, part of me was surprised and part of me saw this coming. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact a film that was so slated on the internet could possibly be successful enough for a sequel, the weirdest part is; The Boss Baby is actually the 49th highest grossing animated film of all time, that’s right in a world of such amazing animated films like Spirited Away, How To Train Your Dragon and Coraline, The Boss Baby made it into the top 50.

This got me thinking about other films that have been teased relentlessly online but that actually did really well at the box office, for example: Minions, who thought the world needed more minions? Well whoever did must be proud as it’s actually the 2nd highest grossing animated movie of all time. I know, I know; take a moment. With The Emoji Movie set for release this summer, I thought now was the best time to try to figure out what it is that gets people into the cinema to see animated films and what I believe contributed to their success.

Just a note: I’m not saying that these are the exact reason that these films were successful, nor am I saying that if you include these things your animated film it will be successful, I’m just theorising. I will only be focusing on a select few films within the top 50 highest grossing animated films otherwise this post will never get finished.

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