I was really stuck with what to do for a mid-week blog post this week so I began googling prompts and I came across a tumblr blog full of question tags and specifically one on films! and since this blog is mostly about films I figured I’d fill one out for anyone to read if they wanted to get to know my film taste more. If you want to do the same 60 questions as me, you can find them here.

So, lets begin!

  1. Favourite film of all time? (if you’re not sure then your current favourite film) – This is always such a tough question as I find it so hard to narrow it down, so I’ll go for my favourite film that I’ve loved the longest and that’ll be Disney’s 102 Dalmatians but honourable mentions include: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindCoraline, The Incredibles, Lost in Translation & When Marnie Was There. That’s already a lot of films and we’re only on the first question!
  1. Favourite scene from this film? – Probably the scene where Chloe gets ready for her date with Kevin and all of the dogs have a sleepover and watch Lady and the Tramp whilst Chloe and Kevin share a meatball and spaghetti meal paralleling Lady and the Tramp. I just love how the dogs are treated like members of the family, I was so happy when I found out that the actors that played Chloe and Kevin – Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd are now married in real life with a family and everything!
  2. Favourite action film? – Battle Royale (2000)
  3. Favourite thriller film? – The Neon Demon or Ex Machina. I get creeped out easily so I can’t say I watch too many thrillers so this one was easy.
  4. Favourite psychological film? – As mentioned before, I have a huge love for The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind so lets say that or Anomalisa, both coincidentally Charlie Kaufman films.
  5. Favourite comedy film? – Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, it has been since I was 10 or 11!
  6. Favourite scene from this film? – The opening scene where Ace Ventura is disguised as a delivery guy to rescue a dog and he is seen throwing a package around on purpose, I remember this seen making me cry with laughter as a kid, I’ve always been a fan of Jim Carrey’s exaggerated comedy.
  7. Favourite “dark humour” or “black comedy” film? – Mary & Max, I only saw this film for the first time a couple of months ago but it has definitely earned it’s place as one of my favourites. Read my review of Mary & Max here
  8. Funniest scene from this film? – Probably the scene where Max wins the lottery and what he does with the money.
  9. Favourite horror film? – Either The Ring, Dark Water (Japanese version) or The Blair Witch Project, I’m a real baby when it comes to horror films but these two I’ve watched multiple times and I haven’t been affected too badly by them… yet. You can read more about the horror films I can stand here and if you’re a fan of J-Horror, take a look at this comparison piece I did! (yeah, you know this isn’t going to be the last self promotion I’ll do)
  10. Favourite animated film? – I’ve pretty much already answered this in the first question I answered but just to repeat that: either The Incredibles, How To Train Your Dragon, Coraline or When Marnie Was There.
  11. Favourite short film? – I didn’t want to take the typical route and say a Pixar short film as there are so many other short films out there but I can’t remember any off the top of my head! So I’ll say The Blue Umbrella Pixar short, I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it before Monsters University back in 2013.
  12. .Favourite romance film? – Either; Her or 10 Things I Hate About You.     
  13. Favourite biographical film? – Saving Mr. Banks
  14. Favourite drama film? – A Monster Calls.
  15. Favourite music-themed film? – I initially thought this was musical films but to make it easier to keep the Disney films to a minimum as they’ll pop up throughout this questionnaire, I’ll stick to films that are mostly focused on music one way or another so my music-themed films are Begin Again or (everyone’s favourite) La La Land.
  16. Favourite mystery film? – I wouldn’t say I’m a real Mystery film person so I’m going to be cheeky and say the Scooby-Doo films haha!
  17. Favourite sci-fi film? – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  18. Favourite indie film?- Juno
  19. Top 5 directors?- Sofia Coppola, Brad Bird, Hayao Miyazaki & Chris Sanders.
  20. Favourite book adaptations? – I’ve made an entire blog post on this!
  21. Worst book adaptations? – I’m embarrassingly not a big reader so I can’t say I can think of any examples for this question, sorry!
  22. Favourite old film? – Well, an old film means different things to different people so this is subjective, but again as bad as it’s going to sound the oldest film I remember seeing is either Jaws or Star Wars, I know it’s despicable but I’m only 20!
  23. Favourite film score? – I listen to quite a few movie scores but my favourite is probably… the How To Train Your Dragon score by John Powell or The Incredibles score by Michael Giacchino.
  24. Favourite compilation soundtrack? – I don’t care what anyone says, the Shrek soundtracks are always so spot on.
  25. Top 5 actors? – Jim Carrey, Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Dane DeHaan & Diego Luna
  26. Top 5 actresses? – Bryce Dallas Howard, Amy Addams, Dakota Fanning, Grey Delisle, Saoirse Ronan
  27. Guilty pleasure film? – Probably Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace, I know a lot of people love Star Wars but a lot of people dislike The Phantom Menace too, so I always get a little embarrassed when watching it!
  28. Most hated film? – Don’t even ask why because I’m not entirely sure but I remember watching The Waterboy and being enraged by it, I don’t even remember the plot like at all but I remember not liking it one bit, who knows maybe if I watched it now it would be my favourite film of all time!?
  29. Film you refuse to see? – I think I have a couple but the first one that came to mind is Sausage Party, I’m really not a fan of other adult animations eg: Family Guy, South Park, etc. So I was sceptical of a Seth Rogen animated film anyway. From what I’ve read and seen through trailers etc. to me, it seems like the creators have done everything they could to make it as controversial as possible, as generally some people think that animation = for children, which is totally false but if you take that understanding and mix it with an animated film full of mature content, it’s going to get controversy which means publicity which means more views which means success. To me, it just seems like they were able to create an adult animated film and took it to the extreme just because they could.
  30. Films you can’t wait to come out? – (some films here are already out in some places but I’m waiting for them to come to the UK) I’m looking forward to Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Pixar’s Coco, Battle of the Sexes & Star Wars: Episode 8 The Last Jedi.
  31. Films you want to see but never get round to watching? – Hidden Figures, Room, 20th Century Women, The Theory of Everything, Carol, Arrival, Colossal, Kong Skull Island, American Pastoral and probably so many more that I’ve forgotten!
  32. Most overrated film? – Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, I was excited about this film for ages before it came out and when I saw it I was pretty underwhelmed, I know it’s not exactly a film that everyone is always telling you to watch but it’s one a lot of people have told me they liked when I really didn’t think it was that good compared to other Pixar greats.
  33. Most underrated film? – The Pete’s Dragon remake that came out in 2016 and I loved it! but I don’t know anyone else that saw it? like AT ALL.
  34. Most overrated actor? – Johnny Depp perhaps? No doubt he has talent but he seems to be a favourite of almost everyone and I’m not sure if I quite see the appeal.
  35. Most overrated actress? – I HATE to be THAT person but Jennifer Lawrence? Not that she’s a bad person, I just know she has a big following but I can’t say that I’m a fan of any films that she’s in, I guess when you’re in a franchise as big as The Hunger Games you’re going to attract a crowd.
  36. Best tear jerker? – My Girl, Marley & Me, My Sister’s Keeper & When Marnie Was There. I’ll admit it, I ugly cried at all of those!
  37. Remake you wish had never been made? – This may be unfair of me to say since I haven’t seen it yet but lets just say I’m not looking forward to the Jumanji remake/sequel whatever they’re classing it as.
  38. Favourite movie location/setting? – This may be more due to Cinematography rather than actual location but I remember thinking how amazing the locations in Her looked and how badly I wanted to visit them, the film was apparently shot in Los Angeles and Shanghai and was supposed to be seen as a futuristic LA.
  39. Favourite cinematographer? – I pretty much just answered this question but I’m such a fan of dreamy indie cinematography eg: in Sophia Coppola’s films, Spike Jonze, etc.
  40. Most beautiful film? – I know there’s a pattern going on here but I’m going to say Lost in Translation I loved the warm tones of the hotel, the blurry busy Tokyo streets, the colourful arcades and bars, it’s so dreamy, it really feels like an escape.
  41. Film that started your interest in film? – I remember wanting to work in animation as soon as I watched behind the scenes footage of Wallace & Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit back in 2005.

I’m going to finish this now as the rest of the questions I couldn’t quite think of an answer for and this has taken me ALL DAY, thank you so much if you managed to get through all 42, I know this is a long post and that quite a few of the answers of the questions repeat themselves but hopefully now you know me a little better!

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