So as we know, the mouse house are the kings at pumping out unnecessary sequels and as much as i’m a fan of the Walt Disney Company, it’s fair to say that some of their sequels are made primarily to keep that snowball rolling and money coming in, resulting in some of their films falling in standards.

In this blog post I’m going to discuss the Disney sequels that I actually enjoyed! Even if the animation standards take an obvious drop, half the cast have been replaced or if the story is completely turned on it’s head.

If you haven’t seen many Disney sequels: Spoiler Warning.

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Now back to the Disney sequels! In no particular order;

Lady and the Tramp 2 – Scamp’s Adventure


My first entrant on this list came almost 50 years after it’s original predecessor, I recall watching this quite a lot as a kid, by myself and with my sisters. I thought it was amazing as a young girl but lets be honest, it had puppies in so of course i’d think that.

The plot of this film leads straight from the ending of the original with Lady and the Tramp living life with Jim dear, Darling and their 4 new puppies. 3 that are identical to Lady and one that is identical to Tramp. They’re now happily living their suburban life, that is except for Scamp. Scamp is unaware of his Father’s previous life and wants to live life as a ‘wild dog’ like all the stray dogs he see’s running around his neighbourhood through his white picket fences, he then makes it his goal to escape.

Don’t get me wrong, this film can be a bit cheesy, but it has some great songs within it! my favourite bit of Lady and the Tramp 2 trivia is that the singer who provides Scamp’s singing voice; Roger Bart also provided the singing voice for Disney’s Hercules! and the singer that provides the singing voice for Angel (Scamp’s love interest in the film); Susan Egan also provided the voice for Megara from Disney’s Hercules! regardless of that though, if you enjoyed the original Lady and the Tramp, it’s worth watching this sequel even if it’s just for the songs.

The Little Mermaid 2 – Return to the Sea


Another Disney sequel focusing on the offspring of the original main characters is The Little Mermaid 2! This film receives a lot of teasing due to it’s slightly ridiculous nature, the plot of this film consists of Ariel and Eric’s daughter; Melody feeling that she doesn’t fit in in the human world and wants to become a mermaid unaware of her Mother’s past (both of the films on this list would be shorter if their parents had just told them what they used to do with their lives) The usual cast for this film return with Jodi Benson back as Ariel, Samuel E. Wright back as Sebastian and Pat Carol returns! but wait? Ursula was impaled by a ship, how could she return? that’s where Disney thought long and hard… the main villain in this film is Morgana; Ursula’s Sea Witch Sister who is voiced by the exact same person, who Melody (voiced by the one and only Tara Strong) goes to in order to be turned into a mermaid… sound familiar?

Other than it’s clear rehashing of the original story line, this isn’t a bad film and once again, the soundtrack is great! Definitely worth a watch and who knows? if you enjoyed this maybe you’ll be interested in the prequel film released after this! The Little Mermaid 3 – Ariel’s Beginning, this film will not feature on this list but go ahead and look that one up for yourself.

Mulan 2


A few of the entries on this list will be a little vague as it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them but I remember liking this one a lot, I dare anyone to watch the intro to this film and not sing Lesson Number One repeatedly for weeks after.

The plot of Mulan 2 is as follows: After saving literally all of China, Mulan and Shang are tasked with guarding 3 princesses on their journey to their arrange marriages, accompanied by of course; Chien Po, Ling and Yao who evidently fall for the princesses themselves.

Again, this is a pretty good film with great songs! If you can forgive the fact that Mushu isn’t voiced by Eddie Murphy this time around.

The Lion King 2 – Simba’s Pride

When I was really young, apparently I was really into The Lion King, I can’t say it’s my favourite these days but apparently as a toddler I really loved it! I don’t remember watching the first Lion King that much but I do remember watching it’s sequel a lot as a kid. The intro still gives me chills just remembering it, it’s amazing.

The plot to this is similar to The Little Mermaid and Lady and the Tramp sequels, the main character of the previous film so in this case; Simba and Nala have a lion cub and name her Kiara (like tiara with a K) who is fiercely independent and doesn’t like being controlled by her overprotective father, then we have another cub born on the outskirts of the Pride Lands; Kovu, who is somehow related to Scar? (I can’t exactly remember, my sister is going to kill me when she reads this) and looks just like him too! When out exploring one day, Kiara bumps into Kovu and over many years a romance blossoms, a lot more happens including many more fights and musical numbers however this is all I remember as of now, it’s still however a good sequel with the same good quality animation as the first time around. I think there’s another sequel after this one that’s like a prequel but I don’t remember it very much at all.

101 Dalmatians 2 – Patch’s London Adventure

I’m not sure if I’ve made it clear on this blog just yet but I’m a huge fan of the 101 Dalmatians franchise, I’m a big fan of the breed in general and this film isn’t bad again but I feel it’s a bit boring.

This story focuses on the events straight after the last film however just like the Lady and the Tramp sequel, it was released 40 years after the original. So Roger, Anita, Pongo, Perdita & 99 other pups are preparing and packing to move out of the small London flat and out into a big house in the countryside, their ‘Dalmatian Plantation’ as they call it. Meanwhile, one of those 99 pups; Patch is having a little bit of an identity crisis, he’s feeling a little lost in his spotted world and a bit left out so when moving day comes and Patch is accidentally left behind, he has a whale of a time being the only dog in the house, a little like Kevin Mccallister with spots. Don’t worry though, Cruella DeVille is still around only this time, she’s into spotted art instead of spotted puppy coats. Patch learns of the opportunity coming up to meet the star of his favourite tv show; Thunderbolt where he meets Thunderbolt who too is having a bit of a midlife crisis who feels the need to prove himself the real life hero to which Patch happily helps out.

Like I said, this is a good film! I just find it a little boring at times myself, I also get stressed out that a puppy gets left behind, if only Pongo could count PROPERLY, GOSH. Regardless, worth a watch if you’re a fan of the previous films.

An Extremely Goofy Movie

I’ve only seen this film once or twice so I really don’t remember a lot of it but I know it’s great.

The plot to An Extremely Goofy Movie goes like this: Goofy’s son Max is going away to college! But so too is Goofy to finish his degree, this obviously puts a real dent in Max’s cool new reputation as a college kid.

I wish I could say more as both of the Goofy movies are absolute gold but I just can’t remember much of what happens! If you only watch one thing from this list, make sure it’s this one.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

Okay so hear me out, I’m not going to sugarcoat it, the animation in this sequel is dreadful, worse than some of the 90’s cartoons on Toon Disney and the story isn’t great either, all I remember is since Quasimodo didn’t get Esmeralda at the end of the last film, they’ve made an entirely new film just to give Quasi a love interest! And this is Madeline, a circus performer if I remember rightly who works for a mean guy? You know what, it doesn’t matter, the original is definitely better in this instance.

The reason I added it to this list though (other than the fact I needed to make it longer) is the credits. This is a silly thing to write I’m sure, but I’m doing it anyway. I’m a very musical person, so songs can stick in my head for years even if I don’t really know how they go and I don’t remember what film it is but I used to watch a Disney film on VHS or DVD a lot as a young kid and whatever film it was had a trailer for The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 before it so I’d see it every time I’d watch this film so the song from the trailer is ingrained into my mind and that song is; I’m Gonna Love You by Jennifer-Love Hewitt who also conveniently voices Madeline in the HBND 2. So as a kid judging from the song in the trailer I thought this film must be great! It wasn’t until years later when I decided to watch it did I realise that it was only eh, I did get to hear that legendary song in the end credits of the film though!

Lilo & Stitch 2 – Stitch Has A Glitch

Again, I’m so sorry for this poorly constructed blog post but I have the worst memory and don’t really remember much about this film either apart from that ending (if you’ve seen this, you’re well aware of what I mean.) 

There are actually a good few Lilo & Stitch sequels including: Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch, Leroy & Stitch & Stitch the Movie. I can’t speak for the others as I remember even less about those but I know Lilo & Stitch 2 doesn’t have much of a difference in animation, it’s still pretty good and although Daveigh Chase is abscent for this film and replaced by the wonderful Dakota Fanning to voice Lilo, it’s an okay film!

The plot goes as follows: Now pretty well adjusted to life on Hawaii, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley are still happy living with Nani and Lilo, until one day Stitch begins having nightmares about destroying Earth and one night ends up going crazy in the house due to some kind of molecule mishaps going on inside of Stitch, which could ultimately end Stitch for good.

Although this film totally breaks my heart (a few real life tears have been shed over this film hence why I haven’t watched it in so long) I think it could be the best one out of all the sequels, hence why it made this list.

Thank you so much for reading this entire list, I’m sorry it was pretty poorly planned for what with me not being able to remember very much about them but I just don’t have the time to re-watch them all, I mean they’re not THAT good. Let me know if there are any future topics you’d like me to write about or if there are any Disney sequels you were expecting to see here and again, if you could pretty please check out Nerd Out Word Out on all of the social medias it would greatly be appreciated!