As the majority of you that read my blog must know by now animation is one of my main interests and having two younger siblings has made both of them targets for my “you need to see this new show” moments. I decided to interview one of my 17 year old sisters as she is the one that I target most often, here are the questions I asked her;

What are your 3 favourite cartoons?

“Gravity Falls, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)”

Top 3 favourite animated films?

“The Iron Giant, Finding Nemo, Turtles Forever”

Favourite Disney princess?
“Merida (Brave), I like her whole kind of look and how she is”

Favourite female/male character in a cartoon?

“Dipper (Gravity Falls), Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)”

Your favourite childhood cartoon?


What was the last cartoon that you watched?

“It depends because I watched an episode of Ninja Turtles the other day because the new episodes are coming out”

What’s your favourite video game?

“I haven’t played anything in a while, but I really like Finding Nemo on Playstation 2, or on DS; Happy Home Designer or just Animal Crossing itself. Oh! and Kingdom Hearts was good that you showed me, you showed me some good levels on that.”

An animated film you haven’t seen yet but you want to?

“The Red Turtle.”

Name an underrated TV series?

“I mean, I know a lot of people like Ninja Turtles but I always think they need more praise (laughs) um… The Muppets?”

Name an underrated film?

“The Iron Giant?”

A guilty pleasure cartoon/film?

“Nah, I’m pretty open with people, I don’t care (laughs)”

Favourite cartoon I’ve shown you?

“Probably Gravity Falls or How To Train Your Dragon”

Least favourite thing I’ve shown you?

“You’re going to hate me but… Totoro? isn’t the best but I wouldn’t say it’s my least favourite just not my favourite, Spirited Away is my favourite and Howls Moving Castle… the Shaun The Sheep movie, I did not like that, no dialogue whatsoever.”

I had fun doing this interview with my sister whilst I was visiting home, We have plans to go to comic con in a few months so I expect she will have lots to talk about after that so expect more interviews in the future!