From Toy Story to Finding Dory, everybody has their favourite Pixar film. With the first Pixar full length film being released in 1995 and I being born just a year later, it’s safe to say that I’ve grown up with Pixar. I remember going out to buy the Monsters Inc. VHS tape when I was around 5 or 6 years old, I also remember going to the cinema to see Toy Story 3 for my sisters’ 10th birthdays and I remember back to 2015 when I got my first tattoo of my favourite Pixar character; Violet from The Incredibles on my arm.

In this blog post i’m going to be discussing those moments from Pixar that have left an impression on me, whether it’s because they’re touching, funny or just aesthetically pleasing to me.

Note: This list is in no particular order, simply just what comes to mind first.

I’m not sure if I have to say this or not but I will be discussing plot points from Pixar films so just a heads up if you haven’t seen any

Woody’s Clean Up – Toy Story 2

For some strange reason, everybody I mention this scene to absolutely lights up, everybody loves this scene! Perhaps it’s because we enjoy watching something that’s tattered and broken being fixed up, like those home DIY shows where a crew of workers have a week or so to completely fix up a house to a liveable state. It’s almost relaxing to watch Woody have his features polished and scuffs painted over. I remember as a kid I wanted that to be my job, to go around to clients houses to repaint their toys and collectables. Still, to this day, I can go months without watching Toy Story 2 but still find myself humming the score behind this scene.

Note: the sly reference to the Pixar short film Geri’s Game, when the cleaner opens the drawer of chess pieces.

Flick is Going To the City – A Bugs Life

I’ll probably mention this a lot but again, the score for this scene is forever stuck in my head. It reminds me of the type of theme you’d hear in a Steven Spielberg film, it screams adventure. I love the idea of ants using Dandelion seeds for transport, it reminds us just how small these characters are.

I also love the two kid ants that taunt Flick on his way;

“Boy Ant #1: My dad says he gives you one hour before you come back to the island crying.

Flik: Does he now?

Boy Ant #2: My dad doesn’t think that.

Flik: He doesn’t, huh?

Boy Ant #2: Nah, he’s betting you’re gonna die.”

Mike’s New Car – Pixar Short Film

Now this, THIS short film that (I may be wrong) but I think was shown after the credits on my Monsters Inc. VHS tape used to make me die laughing, I literally remember 6 year old me being in stitches at this short film, I just re-watched it and it did give me the giggles at some points. The part in which Mike is inside the bonnet of the car and he calls Sulley from inside, is hilarious to me.

Take just 3 minutes out of your day to watch this if you haven’t yet!

The Training Montage – The Incredibles.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other moments from The Incredibles make their way onto this list, it is my favourite Pixar film! I chose the training montage though because again of an amazing score, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been caught humming this around the house, Thanks Michael Giacchino. I also love how happy the family are in this sequence.

The Blue Umbrella – Short Film

I remember seeing this before Monsters University was shown and falling in love. I actually saw MU twice at the cinema so I got to experience seeing this short in a grand setting twice. Where do I even begin to talk about why I love this short film, I think my favourite aspect is the music, I adore the song that is played during this film, it’s so sweet sounding, catchy and simple. I also love how there’s no dialogue in the entire film, the story is told through actions and reactions only. It’s a beautiful romance story told with umbrellas.

I struggled to find the entire thing on youtube but If you have Monsters University on dvd, I believe it can be found on there.

Buzz, Would You Give Me a Hand? – Toy Story

This scene is hilarious, I don’t know a single person that doesn’t crack up at this bit of the film. Well done to the Pixar team for that A* pun

The Dinner Scene – The Incredibles

A bit of a strange one but the main reason this scene stands out to me is literally just the noise that Violet’s forcefield makes once Dash smashes into it, it sounds exactly like an inflatable bouncy ball and I just feel so happy when I hear it? Strange, I know. Thanks Pixar foley artists.

The Scare Floor – Monsters Inc

I love this entrance, I love watching all the monsters prepare for work by having their teeth brushed, having their teeth actually put in, having their eyes placed into their head and even Randal towards the end of this sequence practising his camouflage, I’m hoping everybody noticed the sly nod to Toy Story in that sequence.

When She Loved Me – Toy Story 2

Ask anybody what the saddest scene of a Pixar film is and they’ll either say the intro to Up or this scene. It’s so heartbreaking watching Jessie being forgotten by her once best friend. They couldn’t have done it any better with the Randy Newman song accompanied with Sarah Mclachlan’s beautiful soft vocals and no dialogue in this scene. Truly heartbreaking, it makes me feel guilty for growing out of some of my childhood toys!

Lava – Short Film

Surprisingly, this didn’t get as much approval as I expected. Only a few people I know actually enjoyed this short film, including myself. I thought it was adorable, such a cute story told with an adorable ukulele song. Perhaps I’m biased in this instance as I am a sucker for Hawaiian island based stories and a good ukulele song.

Monsters Inc. Opening

I LOVE THIS, I love the art style, the jazz music that accompanies this sequence, the colours, I think it’s wonderful. It gives a brief idea of the premise of the film before the film has even begun.

Woody Saves Jessie – Toy Story 2

I remember as a kid being entranced by this sequence, it almost looks like a platformer video game with all the different levels Woody and Jessie have to climb on in order to get out of the plane, I love the tension of this scene, I also love Woody’s last line in this scene “lets go home”.

For The Birds – Short Film

I honestly cannot remember which film this was on but I remember when I was little watching this before either A Bugs Life or Toy Story/2 on my VHS tape, again I also thought it was hilarious, I must have been around 3-6 years old.

The Plane Scene – The Incredibles

I reckon I could quote this scene off the top of my head, it’s really hard to pick scenes from The Incredibles as I watch it all the time so I pretty much remember the entire thing but I feel like Violet is the main focus here. Here we see her panicked, trying her best but doubting herself immensely, this really shows her character development by the end of the film. I also love when Violet and Dash are discovered by Helen on the plane and they start arguing over who’s idea it was, it’s very reminiscent of how my sisters and I used to try to tell my mum what had happened when we got into arguments.

The Library Scene – Monsters University

I think the main reason I love this scene is the adrenaline rush you get from watching it, that librarian is scary! So you literally can’t look away from the building up of tension on screen, I also love when  Oozma Kappa decide to try a different technique and Art just starts jumping on the tables kicking all the lamps and books over.

Wall.E’s Home – Wall.E

I’ve got to say, I’ve probably only seen Wall.E maybe twice in my life? So I don’t remember an awful lot about it but I do remember loving this scene, I adore Wall.E’s mannerisms, how he is a little dopey and frantic, like how he can’t decide if the Spork is a Spoon or Fork, how he watches his tiny iPod Classic with a huge magnifying glass and when he notices the alert for the storm but he continues clearing out his little box, be it just a little faster now. What an adorable little guy.

You’re a Beluga – Finding Dory

I know Finding Dory only came out recently and I somehow got roped into seeing it 3 times at the cinema but I couldn’t remember that many scenes strangely enough, however this one did make me laugh. I love how Destiny doesn’t care if Bailey hears her, she just covers him up with her fin in a sort of “if I can’t see you, you can’t hear me” kind of way, I found the “now I know you’re talking about me” line hilarious in this too.

Touch The Sky – Brave

I get so inspired and feel so empowered when watching this scene, the fast passed action of Merida riding Angus through the Scottish mountains and shooting the targets with arrows, I can’t look away! It’s also an amazing song sung by Julie Fowlis.

Colette Shows  Linguini How It’s Done – Ratatouille

Let’s face it, Colette is badass, she’s “the toughest cook in this kitchen” to quote her. I love her character as she won’t be messed around by anyone and she worked very hard to get where she is today, I love how she’s tasked with teaching  Linguini the ropes but won’t be taken advantage of, if he wants to train, he’s got to do it up to her standards, it’s brilliant how tough she is to begin with but how she softens up towards the end once  Linguini starts to learn.

Toy Story 2 Opening Scene

I know, I know, another Toy Story 2 moment?! I watched this film a lot as a kid so I basically have it memorised! I think the main reason I enjoy this scene (aside from the Star Wars references) is simply nostalgia. I know a lot of kids start films then get distracted and don’t watch the whole thing, I feel as if I must have done this a lot as a kid as this intro sticks in my mind so vividly.

I hope this list was entertaining to at least someone! I just wanted to reminisce Pixar over the years. If I didn’t mention a film on this list (e.g. Cars, Finding Nemo, Up, Inside Out, etc.) its simply because I couldn’t remember a moment off the top of my head to talk about. Hopefully I wasn’t too predictable, let me know your favourite Pixar moments too!