Pixar/Disney Shorts Ranked

When you’re an animation fan, sometimes when going to see the latest Disney/Pixar film, the short film shown before the actual feature film can be the most exciting part! So in today’s blog post, I’m going to rank my favourite Disney/Pixar short films, the films in this list aren’t always shown in the cinema and I couldn’t fit all of them in this list so I’m only ranking 15 of my favourites.

Just a note: I’ve tried to find the full short for as many of the shorts as I could but many of the shorts (especially the new ones) are very hard to find in full online so I’ve found the best clips I could for each entry

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Japanese Horror vs. Hollywood Adaptations – A Comparison

If you’ve read my Horror Films That Don’t Keep Me Up At Night blog post from a few months ago, you already know that I’m a giant baby when it comes to horror films. You’ll also know that one of my favourite horror films is The Ring (2002) for those of you who don’t know, The Ring is a Western adaptation of the Japanese horror film; Ringu (1998) Directed by Hideo Nakata and based on the novel Ring written by Koji Suzuki. 

My love of The Ring has kick started a new obsession of mine which is; Japanese horror films. It started with Ringu, I then moved onto Dark Water (2002) and Ju-on: The Grudge (2002). I’ve come to the realisation that the reason I am a fan of Japanese horror films but so afraid of Western horrors is due to cultural differences, don’t worry – I’ll explain.

Spoiler Warning: I will be discussing plot points.

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Cartoons That Contain More Than 1 Token Female Character

I’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks so I haven’t had
the chance to update this blog as regularly as I used to – just as and when I find the time and it’s about to get even worse as I’m heading back to University in just a few days! So bare with me when it comes to how frequent posts are on this blog now.

The idea for today’s blog post came to me whilst catching up with some of mine and my sisters’ favourite cartoons – I began noticing something that has always bothered me and a lot of other women that work in animation. I started noticing how in a lot of the cartoons we were watching, in a group of 4 or 5 characters the ratio was always 1:4 – meaning there were usually 1 or 2 girls in a group of 4 or 5. Just take a look at cartoons like Duck Tales or Spongebob Squarepants; Huey, Duey, LouieWebby? or Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr Krabs & Sandy? I’m sure you could find many, many other examples. This isn’t to say that these shows are bad in anyway, just that they don’t feature as many female characters as they should; in my opinion.

So if you were a little confused by the mouthful of a title I decided to use; in this blog post I’m going to be highlighting some cartoons that I believe have a good female – male ratio or that are comprised of mainly female characters as some of these entries you may have forgotten about or even missed them entirely when they originally aired.

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Great Original Songs in Animation – A List

I bet you’ve already got a number of songs in your head that could possibly be on this list; Let it Go? You’ve Got a Friend in Me? Maybe even The Fairy Godmother’s Song from Shrek 2?

I’m going to try my best to keep this list as varied as possible but it’s become apparent that there’s going to be a number of Disney entries here as lets be honest, they’re the studio making all of the animated musicals! In this list I’m going to stick to actual songs with lyrics rather than songs from a score and just stick to movies this time as I could give them both a list of their own!

Disclaimer: You’ll probably notice that quite a few of the biggest animated musical hits don’t make this list and that’s because I’m trying to be as varied as possible as everyone already knows how great songs like The Circle of Life and Under The Sea are.

Now, let’s begin!

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My Thoughts on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets + Women in Sci-Fi.

I first saw the trailer for Valerian City of a Thousand Planets at the start of the year and automatically I was excited about this, I am a real sucker for CGI heavy films that use a lot of MO-CAP and Green Screen, I’m also a fan of Dane Dehaan so of course I was going to see this film.

For those of you who don’t know; Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is a 2017 Sci-fi film based on the 1967 graphic novel: Valérian and Laureline written by Pierre Christin and illustrated by Jean-Claude Mézières. The film stars; Dane DaHaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen, Rihanna and more.

I saw this film today and it was not like I expected at all, think of this blog post as somewhat of a review, however I want to discuss a few things in particular.


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An Update

Unfortunately I still haven’t managed to get around to writing a blog post this week, I promise I’ll get back to it as soon as possible. If you’re missing my posts though I have got quite a few coming out on Nerd Out Word Out.

What is Nerd Out Word Out?

Nerd Out Word Out (or NOWO for short) is a website/podcast set up by two friends, it’s a passion project where they write articles and reviews on all aspects of Nerd Culture but mostly about video games. I occasionally write reviews and animation posts for them but mostly it’s just the two of them.

You’ll notice the latest posts on the site are all from me and that’s because I wrote a 5000+ word article for them on Studio Ghibli, I wrote it as like a guide for those of you who want to get into the Japanese animation studio or for those of you who have only watched the well known films – seeing as it’s 5000+ words it’s being released one a day for 6 days in easier, digestible chunks. So if you’re missing my posts on here head over to nerdoutwordout.com to read 3/6 of the posts in this series with the other 3 being published over the next 3 days.

As budding bloggers it would really mean a lot to all 2 and a half of us at Nerd Out Word Out if you’d take the time to check out the site and to follow us on our social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I promise I’ll get back on track with my own blog soon.

My Most Memorable Cinema Experiences

As a film student and just all round film fan, I am ALWAYS as the cinema (thank god for 2 for 1 tickets!) I used to make a list of every film I knew that was coming out that year and when, then tick them off once I had seen them, so I’ve seen a lot of films! For this weeks mid-week blog post I thought I’d share some of my favourite cinema experiences!

Just a note: I’m sure this isn’t really a problem for many of you however for the very few (I know there’s some of you out there!) that keep up to date with my posts should know that I’m currently in the process of moving therefore I may not have time to do my usual pattern of a mid-week post then a movie review at the weekend, I’ll have to see where I’m at when the time comes, so don’t panic if there isn’t a blog post for a few days!

and with that, lets start this journey down memory lane!

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